Winter Integration Trip

The project is co-financed from the funds of the European Regional Development Fund and Government budget under the Innovative Economy Operational Program


Winter integration trip with Kusznierewicz Academy


We invite you to become acquainted with winter offer of integration trip prepared by the Sport Concierge Kusznierewicz Academy in ARIES Hotel & SPA in Zakopane.

Sport Concierge® in ARIES Hotel & SPA in Zakopane, is a project pioneer in Poland, organized by Kusznierewicz Academy, the company founded by Mateusz Kusznierewicz, Olympic champion. Our idea consists of organization of active leisure in the form of original training programs. We cooperate with the best, proven and above all local instructors, organizers, mountain guides and rescuers and to achieve the aforementioned goals we use the potential of the Tatra mountains and Zakopane.

Thanks to the knowledge of the Olympic champion we know the importance of motivation, appropriate commitment, creation and pursuit of goals, overcoming difficulties, own weaknesses, as well as integration and team work. We offer combination of sports effort with creative and dynamic thinking and creation of a well-integrated team. We prepare a program that will guarantee fulfilment of the assumed goals of the event and what is more – apart from substantive tasks – it will induce unforgettable emotions and create long-lasting memories.



Aim of the trip

The innovative program is intended for employees of international companies from the European countries, adults (without the upper age limit) with a minimum of average physical fitness. The most important objective of the program is the diagnosis of group functioning (presentation of information package about group functioning along with detailed indications of elements requiring further modification) and obtaining its objective image with understanding of psychological mechanisms, so as to create indications for further team development work.

To achieve this goal the Academy applies a number of innovative techniques of psychological analysis applied from the first stage of trip planning to the diagnosis of group functioning (on the basis of tests, conducted with test methods individually selected for the Client e.g. survey, observation, interview) and during practical classes with personal coaches or with a psychologist present during the whole trip.

In addition, the program aims at team integration, improvement in communication between employees, managers, and the board, reduction of stress, assistance in motivating employees, stimulation of the atmosphere of mutual improvement in functioning of the group, finding external and internal factors affecting the group functioning.

It is not a simple task, therefore for its fulfilment, the Academy uses a wide range of additional services constituting the basic program supplementation.


Terms of stay

Any term of stay selected by the client. The schedule is carried out within 4 days.


Size of the group

Size of the group is discretionary. We organize programs for groups from 10 to 100 persons.



  • Snowmobile expedition Snow Safari
  • Sledging party with torches dog sled races
  • A carriage ride in Zakopane
  • Nordic walking
  • Sross-country ski trip
  • Ski classes with different degrees of advancement
  • “Śpasy góralskie”
  • Curling tournament
  • Hockey competition


Schedule of the trip*

Day 1

  • Snowmobile expedition Snow Safari Sledging party with torches and a bonfire

Day 2

  • Dog sled races
  • Carriage ride in Zakopane

 Day 3

  • Nordic walking or cross-country ski trip
  • Curling or hockey tournament

 Day 4

  • Ski classes with different degrees of advancement
  • “Śpasy góralskie”


* The schedule of the trip can be tailored to your expectations as well as according to the assumed duration of stay in Zakopane, and particular attractions can be replaced with others.



Description of attractions

Snowmobile expedition Snow Safari

The participants of the expedition have at their disposal 2-person snowmobiles Ski-Doo and a guide service and training. During this expedition you will have enough time to take a long good ride in various winter conditions which you will encounter in more than ten towns, in Poland and in Slovakia. Ostrysza Peak, Gubałówka slopes, Magura Witowska mountainous and forest areas and vast mountain pastures of Slovakia will ensure that emotions from snowmobile ride will be so strong that you will return to us again or decide to buy your first snowmobile. During the expedition we will make as many as two breaks for rest and warm meal. Duration of the attraction: 6 hours

The whole duration (including travel to and from the place of the attraction ): 7 hours


Sledging party with torches

We offer you a ride on carriages in the area of the village of Kościelisko. It is one of the most beautiful areas of Podtatrze, with a magnificent Tatra Mountains panorama, away from the hustle of Zakopane. Surroundings comprised of spruces and silence, broken only by beating of hooves and bells the sled. The road will be lit with torches.

The destination of the trip is the regional mountain Chalet with a bonfire. It will be possible to warm up, roast a sausage and try regional mulled wine, listening to lively rhythms of live highland music.

Duration of the attraction: 2 hours
The whole duration (including travel to the place of the attraction and back): 3 hours

Dog sled races

Number of stations: 2
Duration of the attraction: approximately 2 hours
The whole duration (including travel to and from the place of the attraction): 3 hours



The program includes:

  • greeting the dogs
  • talk about sled dogs (specific character and race origin, various sled races)
  • familiarization with equipment (sleigh – construction and intended use)
  • training on riding the dogsled (commands, balance, cooperation etc.)
  • division into stations

 Station I: lap (one sled at a time)

  • independent dogsled ride along the selected route (lap about 100-150 m)
  • timed competition of pulling the sled by participants

Station II: cani-cross

  • cani-cross classes (running in special harness with dogs)
  • the multi-person ski competition
  • walking in snowshoes

Change after reaching the station.



A carriage ride in Zakopane

We offer you a ride in horse carriages through the most interesting architectural gems of Zakopane, landmarks in the landscape of Zakopane. The route is adapted to individual needs of the group.

The program includes:

  • taking the participants from the ARIES hote
  • sleigh tour in Zakopane where participants will see, among others:
  • the oldest street in Zakopane – Kościeliska with Stary Kościółek,
  • Cemetery on Pęksowy Brzyzek,
  • Ski Jump – Wielka Krokiew
  • Return to the hotel

Duration: approximately 1 hour


Nordic walking

Nordic walking has numerous advantages. Properly practised, it involves 90% of the muscle system! It is more than in any other sport or activity! It is intended for everyone, regardless of age, weight and the level of physical fitness. It can be practised everywhere, and the areas of Zakopane and the surroundings are perfect for this kind of activity.

Sample activities plan (duration: 90 minutes):

  • 10 min warm-up
  • 30 min learning NW techniques
  • 10 min strength training
  • 30 min learning NW techniques
  • 10 min stretching

The activities are conducted in the area of Zakopane and surroundings. For instance: on paths around Olimp (the region of Biały valley), on the hill Lipka – near the ARIES hotel (an ideal place for the elderly and beginners), Valley Strążyska, on Droga pod Reglami, or in Dolina Kościeliska or Chochołowska.

At the request of a guest it is possible to organize Nordic Walking activities at any place. For instance: rafting in the gorge of the Dunajec river connected with Nordic walking classes.



Cross-country ski trip to Kościeliska

For enthusiasts of active leisure and contact with nature we offer an original trip in Dolina Kościeliska – on cross-country skis, under the watchful eye of professional instructors of cross-country skiing. Crossing the valley on popular “biegówki” running ski is a perfect alternative for active leisure, since “biegówki” are a sport for everyone! Crossing charming routes of Tatra Mountains, savouring nature and breathing pure mountain air combined with a small physical effort triggers real positive emotions.

Dolina Kościeliska valley lies in Western Tatra Mountains between Dolina Chochołowska, and Czerwone Wierchy. The valley landscape at this time of the year is enchanting and the clearings crowned with frozen forest fabulously shimmer with glistening snow. In the upper part of the Valley there is a mountain hostel Ornak, a place in which you will be able to rest, have a meal and enjoy the mountain views.



Ski classes with different degrees of advancement

We offer you learning and improving ski skills conducted in small groups by experienced instructors. Ski or snowboard classes conducted by the former sportsmen, medallists of Polish Championships, skiing and snowboard trainers. Training is dynamic. It is adjusted both to people who begin the ski adventure and those who havealready had the experience..

Duration: 3h of active training+ travel time – depending on the slope (Bukowina Tatrzańska, Małe Ciche or Suche).



Góralskie Śpasy

During the folk evening participants have an opportunity to not only taste delicious food and beverages, but also to have a first-hand experience of a real, regional fun!

Góralskie Śpasy is a combination of shows of mountain dance and customs with contests, e.g.:

  • horseshoe throw
  • identification of beverages while blindfolded
  • highland dialect lessons
  • cheese identification contest

In addition, you will learn to dance: at the end of the evening every woman will know how to dance “on 3” and every man will know what “zbójnicki” is!




Kusznierewicz Academy consists of people with passion – high class specialists, instructors, pilots, coaches, psychologists with long-term experience in work with young people, pedagogical capabilities and, above all, joy of sharing knowledge and skills.

The activities are conducted in Polish, English, German and Russian. We cooperate with the best, proven and above all local instructors, organizers, mountain guides and rescuers, and to achieve the aforementioned goals we use the potential of the Tatra mountains and Zakopane.



Program price depends upon the size of a group, the term of stay and scope of additional services such as accommodation, board, gifts. You are welcome to contact us in order to prepare the calculation for your group.



Aries Hotel & SPA

The facility is located in the very centre of Zakopane, near the famous Krupówki street. Thanks to complete and careful renovation, at the place of legendary Dom Turysty – for years associated with art and pleasure of rest in the capital city of the Tatra mountains – the facility at the level of Alpine hotels was established.


The guests are offered:

  • 99 comfortable rooms arranged in the Zakopane style (3 Premier Single, 47 Premier Double,
  • 5 Renaissance Double, 15 Executive Double, 19 Aries Suites, 9 Chalet Suites, 1 Tatra Suite),
  • 2 restaurants: Halka (serving traditional dishes) and Lava & Burger, (serving trendy dishes in a contemporary and casual form),
  • 5 modern conference rooms for 400 participants,
  • Wellness Zone with a swimming pool with thermal water, with seats for water massage, whole-year Jacuzzi with a view on Giewont, Finnish and steam sauna, salt chamber, Russian bania bath,
  • Irena Eris Beauty Partner SPA Centre – for years the brand has been valued by Polish women and associated with the essence of good style and taste,
  • LE SCANDALE Cocktail Room & Music Loft,
  • Sport Concierge, service thanks to which the Hotel guests can spend time actively, not only in the hotel.


A unique offer of attractions and the highest quality of recreational services, both for groups and individual guests, is supervised by Kusznierewicz Academy


Bookings and contact

E-mail bookings: info@akademiakusznierewicza.pl | www.AkademiaKusznierewicza.pl
Phone bookings: (0048) 22 844 77 99



Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the State budget as part of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme

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